Mast broken and sails ripped
beyond repair, I will take you by your left hand
and lead you in a melancholy waltz:
Forcing smiles through tired eyes as
We go down with our ship

Oh! It was a sad, sad, sad tale of
want and misery-
Stranded in the ocean, there was nothing to drink.
We didn’t let that stop us; we didn’t need food and
water! “My dear, we will simply
live off eachother’s regrets”.

Our ship, now fully submerged, groaned and creaked
with age.
“It’s just notes in the symphony”,
..and in the freezing water we
danced on.

Getting darker, getting colder,
we were gaining speed as our
wreck submitted
further to the
inky hopeless

Exhausted, we drown, hand in hand,
hearts beating in 3/4 time


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