all choice and no need makes Jack a dull economist

September 20, 2008


I’ve wanted to start a new blog for a while. i’m bored tonight so i figured it’d be cool to begin now.

My name’s Christopher Leonard Frank Davis but i get called chet by most people. Frank was my grandfather’s name and Leonard was my father’s, i don’t know where Christopher came from. I’m eighteen years old (nineteen in january) and i live in the forest in the south of england with my parents and my brother, who is twenty one next month. At the moment i’m looking for a new job because i want to move to the nearby town of totton (where i grew up with my friends) into a house owned by my friend Chris. working on it.

I have a girlfriend, her name’s Lauren and she’s the absolute nuts. she puts up with all my shit and we get through allsorts. i’ve been iiiiiiiiin love with her for a year and a half as of Monday. she’s a very small brunette with lovely blue eyes and a penchant for the arts.

I play bass guitar in a southern rock/hardcore punk band called Son of a Fox. We formed a couple of months ago and i can’t wait to start playing shows- it’s my favourite thing to do in the whole world. i love performing. we’re on myspace at

My friends pretty much rock, I don’t see a lot of them as much as i should but it’s cool cause i know they’re there for me and i love that they are. i never had many friends when i was younger but since coming to college (forgot to mention, i’m in my third year at college, i dropped out of the first but i’m back now finishing A levels in computing, graphics and media) i’ve made a lot of friends and stuck witht he ones i had. it’s really cool to have all these people i can talk to and that are there for me.

I’m running out of things to write about myself!

i love live music, getting involved at shows is brilliant. i don’t like violence, rudew or hostile people much. i try to live life positively and concentrate on having a good time above all else.

i drink sometimes. mainly scotch and coke but recently i’ve been drinking lager quite a bit and enjoying the taste. it’s weird how tastes change, i hated it when i was a bit younger. i’ve had a couple tonight but not enough to affect my typing! i’m normally quite good anyway which i guess is good if i’m gonna keep this going for any amount of time.

I’m half filipino, half english. my dad was from guernsey, mum’s from the phillipines. i like it there but i always feel really threatened and like it’s dangerous, probably cause i look different and don’t really identify with their culture over there beczuse it’s so different. i’ve got a lot of family over here who are all real cool though! i was born in hong kong and came to england when i was 4. i don’t remember anything before then.

i play a lot of video games, mainly on PC. i haven’t upgraded to this generation of consoles yet, can’t afford it. my favourite developers at the moment are tim schafer and hideo kojima. my favourite console of all time is the sega saturn, it bombed but i had some amazing times with it and it’s still set up in my bedroom right now. my favourite game is dark chronicle/dark cloud 2 (depending on what continent you’re from) on the ps2, i love the scope and size of the game and the amount of stuff there is to do.

recently i’ve been playing a LOT of world of warcraft. i play a level 70 night elf feral druid on the Arathor server (european, normal). i used to be resto but the tank in my guild specced holydin so i went tank a couple of days ago. it’s really refreshed the game for me, and i like being able to do damage when soloing as well. currently gearing myself up, i want to be at least in karazhan by the time WotLK is released.

(a lot of this blog will probably be taken up with WoW talk so you can skip those bits if you’re reading it and you don’t know what i’m talking about)

Recently i’ve wanted to be able to write properly, i don’t really know where to start though. i want to write prose and poems and stuff in a way that makes people interested and want to read more, with imagery and things. i really dont know where to start with things though! i’d like some help if anyone knows anything.

as far as religion and stuff goes i don’t really know. i’d like to believe in a god but i can be a pretty cynical person sometimes. i’d like to look for a faith but i don’t know how to go about it so i guess i’ll just wait for it to come to me.

Right now in life I’m trying to focus on getting through this year of college respectably, and having some good times with my bros!